There is no question that Texas leads by example in the way a state should be run. Low taxes, positive business climate and a predictable regulatory process have paved the way for those wanting a freer way of participating in free enterprise. From constantly improving infrastructure to affordable cost of living, Texas truly is the shining star.

But over the past decade, liberal elements have begun to try to undermine Texas. We have seen George Soros funded groups supply resource to Democrats in Harris County. We have seen the rise of groups like Battleground Texas and Lift, as they promote a philosophy that has traditionally been foreign to the Texas mindset. It seems that it is not enough for liberals to ruin their states by over regulating them and limiting their freedom, they also want to force Texas into the same failed mold.

Texans are welcoming people. Our neighbors that move here from out of state laud their new found freedom. We cannot sit by and take it for granted.

#ProjectRedTX has been formed to make sure that those that seek to turn Texas into a leftist haven cannot get a foothold by mis-using the redistricting process. We have already seen lawsuits about redistricting filed in the courts of liberal judges. This is all a precursor to establishing a false narrative about our state, our government and our people. #ProjectRedTX will begin working now to establish the true record of modern Texas. One that respects our history and our close ties with our neighbors to the south yet upholds the order of law.

Texas is the example for current and future generations.  We shine brightly as a beacon of freedom and opportunity around the world.  We cannot let those that seek control, divert us from our path and extinguish that light. Register now to get email updates!

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